Anonymous said: Cèline trio or Marni trunk?

Celine trio!

Anonymous said: Why do you have closed your deadfleurette blog? It's was such an inspiration for me. I know that now you have this tumblr and for you it represent the past but was nice to see your old outfit post. Maybe you can post some of them here, also if you style has a bit changed, it's still cool!

I closed the .com blog a long time ago because I was planning on reviving it so I started redesigning the layout but then everything with my mom happened and I just never finished the design… 

lasingularite said: Dear Deafleurette, I'm like you, I'm a huge fan of APC! My next APC purchase is the half moon bag. Do you know it? Do you like it? Do you have it? I'm still thinking about buying this item or not. For know I'm don't have a little black bag. Do you think it is a good item? According to you, do you consider this bag as wearable day and night? T

Yo! I have that bag. Unfortunately I don’t wear it as often as I wish I could because I’m a lazy tote bag kind of gurl (and also because the leather is so delicate it scratches easily).

Anonymous said: Hello :) I've seen you went to Los Angeles lately and I was wondering , how do you pay for all that? I mean I wish I could do the same and even with my student job I can't manage all ( clothes and stuff ). I don't mean to sound rude or anything :)

Hi. I know I don’t have to reply to questions regarding money but I feel like I should because I don’t want to give the impression of being extremely rich or anything – which is not the case at all. 

So far this year I’ve been to LA twice and I’m going back next week already. My dad covered our first trip back in February because it was a family trip. I paid almost nothing for my most recent trip to LA aka $290. Long story short: last summer I cancelled my trip to the West Coast on right before my mom passed away. My insurance company covered everything (and then I bought new tickets on a whim after her death) but one thing I didn’t know was that I could also redeem an air credit from a previously cancelled flight booked on Orbitz as long as I pay an airline fee. So I basically paid $290 for tickets that originally cost $1600. And now that Norwegian low-cost airline is flying directly to the states, it’s even easier for me to travel affordably. My dad is covering my tickets this time because he wants me to take my sister on a trip somewhere – and we both just love LA. That said, I normally refuse to take money that my dad offers me and I never ask him for money, but I let him pay for family travels. I feel like my sisters need the money / support more than I do since I have several sources of income and I could always re-sell my wardrobe if anything happens haha (which is most likely the case after summer LOL).

And also.. this is what I spend my study loan on. University in Norway is free but living in Oslo as a student is expensive so I need study loan in order to survive. I try to be as frugal as possible so that I can splurge on flight tickets and food whenever I travel. 

However, if you want to travel as cheap as possible:
- Turn on the “incognito mode” in your web browser whenever you’re browsing for airline tickets (and not only porn, LOL). Cookies are part of the reason why ticket prices are skyrocketing on your computer. 

Anonymous said: What colour is your kanken backpack? Was it easy to match your outfit?

I don’t have a Känken backpack – my friend lent me her backpack for a year, haha. It’s blue-ish and goes with all of my outfits. 

Anonymous said: I've been admiring your style for quite some time now. Your obsession with A.P.C. got me thinking what are in your opinion the most essential APC items for a guy?


The most essential APC items for a guy are, in my opinion, no doubt a pair of raw denim jeans and a bomber jacket! 

Anonymous said: According to your Facebook hamburger photo album, you've once been to Budapest! I'm going there next week, do you have any tips/recommendations maybe? thanks x

I don’t have any recommendations apart from visiting one of the thermal baths there. Have fun!

Anonymous said: What do you think about Ivania Carpio (Love Aesthetics)?

I like her thing!

Anonymous said: hello lovely lady, firstly i just want to say that you have a beautiful soul and its such a pleasure to read your blog and see the world through your eyes, so thank you for always sharing. my question is how do you cope with anxiety? i am on the similar pre-med track to you and it sometimes get overwhelming with such an overly competitive environment and personal pressures/high expectations we place on yourselves. what do you do to decrease that sense of "Ahhhhh!!" when it gets too much?

Thank you so much, you’re far too kind. I had a mom who died of cancer and while she was ill I learned that life is so much more than being trapped in that pre-med bubble and that you should try to

- live each day as if it was your last day
- live in the moment

Both sentiments have been life-changing to me and whenever I fail at acing my exam I just try to be whatevs before wanting to throw myself in front of a bus. In addition, I think talking to a professional helps too. My shrink taught me to close my eyes, focus on my body and try to be “in contact” with every body part and breathe whenever I’m anxious – works for me!

Anonymous said: Hej! Who makes your beautiful light pink (off white?) sunglasses? They're perfection!

Thanks! They’re from Celine!

Anonymous said: Hi, which of your sunglasses do you prefer? Do you have any sunglasses on your wish list ? I'm really struggling with deciding on a pair so I would love your opinion :)

I have two pairs of sunnies with prescription lenses: Ray-Ban clubmasters and Celine [insert model]. I seem to wear my clubmasters more often because they fit into my regular spectacle’s case, which is a very sturdy one. My Celine’s are so huge that I need two cases in my bag and sometimes I don’t have room for that. And the Celine sunnies don’t really look good with loose hair so it also depends on how I wear my hair. 

Anonymous said: What do you think of nike black trainers or new balance sneakers that's quite popular nowadays?

I like them. I have a pair of black Nike trainers that are so comfy I could even wear them to bed… 

Anonymous said: Where can I get my hands on that striped romper??? *_*

American Apparel! It’s still for sale. 

Anonymous said: what filter do you use on your instagram photos?

At least 4-5 different filters on each picture. 

Anonymous said: hi pretty girl! :) I'll be in Paris next week. Do you Know where I could find the comme des garçons wallet? I saw on your instagram that you have it :) is it expensive? Thank you in advance. have a nice day!

There is a CdG store in Paris. Just google it. I’m sure you can find it there. It’s not far from Colette.. you can also find CdG wallets at Colette!