Harper’s Bazaar June 1999 ‘Home Girl’ photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg

Anonymous asked: I'll just add up to everyone saying how much of a lifespiration you are! I wonder, do you ever watch any tv-shows? Also, procrastination, any tips other than procrastibaking? I mean, how to avoid proscrastinating and get shit done and not means of doing it :)

Aww. I’m truly taken aback by your kind words – the same goes to all of you who have sent me messages lately (I know, I’m very bad at replying but please know that I really appreciate every single message). My humblest thanks to you all.

Yep, I watch tv-shows but not right now. I used to be hardcore at watching tv-shows but unfortunately with my severe depression and everything I just don’t have the desire to watch or keep up with them these days – apart from How I Met Your Mother, that is. I used to watch like 10 tv-shows a week before aka procrastinating. Seems like I’d rather stare at the walls in my room. In terms of getting shit done, I have a trick that worked wonders for me in ancient times (haha I’m so funny). I used to meet my friends for breakfast as early in the morning as possible so that I had to force myself to wake up early and get the most out of the day. After breakfast, I would study at the library until closing time. In addition to procrastibaking (my new fave expression), I also like to clean and organize my stuff when I’m procrastinating because it feels a lot more productive than, say, tumbling a bonanza of fantasies. The former feels less like procrastination than the latter. Hmmm, however, I don’t think I’m the right person to ask as I’ve been procrastinating for almost 4 months in a row now. I suppose the only things that might get me back on track when I’ve been derailed are deadlines and exams that are quickly approaching. I’m still waiting for some of my unknown exam dates, hence I’m slacking in the meantime (I hope). Wait. It does help to write down the things you need to do as long as you’re being realistic and not overly ambitious, otherwise you’ll just end up doing nothing, not to mention feeling guilty. And also, you should try to do something nice for yourself every day that doesn’t fall into the procrastination category because procrastination is kind of supposed to make you feel bad about yourself, right? Maybe doing something nice for yourself would eventually rekindle your enthusiasm to get shit done? Good luck!

annabrekke asked: du er jo bare kjempeflink med alt du gjør, du! skikkelig inspirerende. føles rart å skrive til deg, men kan jo ikke skade.

Oh my. Tusen takk. Du er så snill! Det varmer godt i hjerterota å høre sånt, spesielt når man ikke synes det selv. Det er sykt selvdestruktivt å undervurdere seg selv hele tiden, selv om det (i mitt tilfelle) normalt bare fører til de beste resultatene. Skulle ønske jeg hadde troen på meg sjæl litt oftere. 

Anonymous asked: I can't seem to find that beautiful text your wrote about your mother on your tumblr. I wanted to re-read it today. Did you delete it? :(

No, I haven’t deleted it. Here it is for your perusal! 

Anonymous asked: you have great taste in literally everything. i trust your taste and recommendations :) could you please recommend a few movies that you like? thank you!

Haha, you make it sound like I’m an arbiter of taste. Here are some movies that I personally like or enjoyed watching:

Frances Ha, Her, The Virgin Suicides, Annie Hall, Heathers, Naissance des Pieuvres, The Five-Year Engagement, A Bout de Souffle, La vie d’Adele, Scoop (just because Scarlett Johansson is so cute in this movie!), Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Dreamers, Shame, The Antoine Doinel series by Truffaut, Une Femme Est Une Femme, Lost in Translation, Christiane F, Le scaphandre et le papillon, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Vivre sa vie, Pierrot le fou, Blow-Up, The Squid and the Whale, J’ai tué ma mère, The Breakfast Club, American Beauty, An Education, La Belle Personne, The Elephant Man, Howl’s moving castle, Mean girls + anything by Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodovar.

Anonymous asked: You have always been a major style inspo for me ever since I discovered your blog for 3 years ago. That is probably why I want to ask you this. You see, I have no clue what to wear or what to buy for the upcoming summer season. Any suggestions? And what are you current "need to buy" list? And oh, by the way, I really do miss your blog TK!

Why thank you. You’re far too kind! I just simply LOVE dressing for summer. Liberty prints and stripes are my go-tos in the summer but I’d love to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe for instance ikat patterns. Have you seen this old blog post of mine? Although I posted it back in 2012, it’s still super relevant to me today. I love jumpsuits, (colorful) sandals, loafers, simple dresses, spaghetti tank tops and linen t-shirts paired with tailored shorts or broken-in raw denim jeans. Bomber jackets are great for cool summer mornings and evenings. My suggestion would be that you should figure out your taste and gather inspiration. Find your likes and dislikes. Then try to locate your likes and eventually try them on to see if they are “you”. You’ll probably find lots of summery inspiration over at is my favorite because I’m very into the effortless “Californian” style with lots of prints, loose and oversized clothes, etc. I never thought I would ever wear rompers but one day I just tried on a jumpsuit and fell in love. The same applies to dresses. I just had to find the right one to see that we’re a match.

This is one of my favorite summer attires:


As for my current “need to buy” list, I don’t have any “needs” apart from a bathing suit. Of course, A.P.C. came up with THE PERFECT one this season. Too bad it’s very expensive and I don’t think it will go on sale. I’m not going to buy anything this season because I’m saving up for my forthcoming trip to the best coast this summer + hopefully I’ll be moving to LA after summer so I need $$$$$$$. I want these sandals, though. I also want this beautiful A.P.C. dress (same print as the bathing suit) but I can’t afford it:


Hope this helps a bit! 

Anonymous asked: So you'd say you never shop at any other clothing shops? No high street? How about basics like socks and things?

I buy new underwear and socks maybe once a year or even less. So they’re not basics I usually buy. If I were to purchase undies, I would get them from Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, you name it. I have a few basics spaghetti tank tops from Muji that I just bought last month. My socks and underwear collection is quite pared-down as well. Otherwise, I never shop at H&M, Zara etc. Not even at COS – the smallest size is way too big for me, I don’t like the fabrics, the cut, the fit, the quality seems off, blabla. I just want a simple no-nonsense basic sweater like the ones from A.P.C. That said, I found a very nice turtleneck sweatshirt at COS that unfortunately had horrible dropped shoulders. A.P.C. would never do such a thing to a turtleneck. 

Anonymous asked: Where do you usually buy your clothes? :)

At A.P.C. I really, really hate shopping and luckily A.P.C. just makes the right (“bespoke”) clothes for my taste, style, and body so I don’t have to painstakingly search for other options. The only downside of my A.P.C. addiction is the expense but I think it’s worth paying for perfection (in my estimation). I also like Comme des Garçons Play in terms of quality and design. Vanessa Bruno is another brand I sometimes rely on but unfortunately the sizes are hit or miss. I used to shop at Isabel Marant a few years back until the prices skyrocketed, while the quality completely plummeted. Otherwise, I just shop wherever I can find A.P.C.