Masculin Féminin (1966) by Godard. Love this movie.  Charles Gwathmey - Gwathmey house and studio - East Hampton - 1965 Casa Taller Augusto Alvarez, 1959
Women should dress for themselves, and eventually for other women, and only then maybe also for a handful of men. But they must step out of this outrageously sexed-up hell of signifiers; if they don’t, this junk will make them lose their self-respect. I advocate understatement. Search for subtlety, dare to pass as someone reserved, refuse the stereotypes of sexiness. That way, you will spread fever only where it deserves to be.

Jean Touitou of APC on why unsexy, understated fashion feels fresh via The Guardian


It is truly the honor of a lifetime to be on board as a contributor, DJ, and Oslo correspondent to Nabovarsel – a Norwegian label and club concept based in Bergen. Very pumped about adding some lone estrogen to an otherwise testosterone soaked team. My very first contribution to Nabovarsel is this playlist, which is inspired by my impromptu trip to the best coast last month, thus the name “San Diego Fwy”. I had the joy of listening to HOT 92.3 FM (SoCal’s Finest Old School jams) on full blast while rolling down the highways and byways back and forth from LA to San Diego. Hence it’s packed with lots of old school gems, West Coast hip hop, and summery beats that remind me of the good times I had in my favorite city ever.

Hop over to Nabovarsel to see my first contribution.


Forever palm love Stahl House in Los Angeles. 
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The Douglas House - Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP, Harbor Springs, Michigan, 1971. / Richard Meier

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John Baldessari — There Isn’t Time (Goya Series), 1997

“Always the One Waiting”
Emily DiDonato by Ned Rogers for Helmet #3