Pigsty // Pier Paolo Pasolini (1969)


Creme Brulee French Toast

Two of my favorite foods combined… oh my!

Anonymous said: Hi, I remember on your old blog, you used formspring and there was a point at which you got a lot of negativity directed at you. Maybe even bullying? I was curious and hoping if this all went away or did the trolls not leave you?

The trolls didn’t go away even though offensive comments/questions were few and far between after I stopped replying to them. Eventually I also stopped caring. I haven’t received a lot of negativity on tumblr, though. Perhaps the trolls became more humane, haha. Keeping an IP tracker on your blog(s) kind of helps too. Some of the negativity on my old blog was linked to avid readers who mainly wrote nice comments. So… I know who they are :P

Anonymous said: Hey. Seems like you like techno music and you've got nice tastes :) Do you know any great DJ/Producer from Norway ? Thank you !

Hi. One of my best friends is starting a techno label so I’ll keep you in the loop about it. Check out Sex Tags Mania label, ran by two Norwegian dudes (DJ Sotofett and DJ Fettburger). Skatebård is great, check it out. 

Anonymous said: I have been coveting the IM dickers for quite some time now and have finally saved up enough for them. As someone who abhors fashion trends, I am feeling hesitant in making the leap because I am worried that they may seem dated. If you were to do it again, would you purchase your dickers? Do you think they are a true classic?

Yes, I would. I actually want a black pair but I know with myself that I should stop buying suede leather shoes as I already own several pairs. I too worry that they seem a bit dated these days and it kind of sucks that all the in-your-face omg-I’m-like-VIP fashion people in Oslo are sporting them – I just don’t want to be associated with those people. I’d say that the cowboy boots from A.P.C. are true classics. 

Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering how you are able to balance studying for medical school with your DJing/working with music label? I'm also on the same pre-med track and always loved the idea of working with music, but I was always afraid to try it out (I guess part of me thought since it's not entirely relevant to medicine, it might just be a distraction. haha) Love your blog by the way!

Hi there. I received a similar question a little while ago. Question is: Will I ever get into medical school? Because unlike most people I know or went to school with, who are working their asses of to get into med school too, I’m juggling way too many balls in the air. Luckily, I DJ on the weekends but preparing for a gig can take a day or more. Anyway. I’ve sacrificed a lot of sleep. I only sleep 5-6 hours a night and I don’t recommend that as I’m constantly tired and I don’t even drink coffee. What to do when there are so many things you want to do? 


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