Dreaming of LA every day.

Venice - © Łukasz Ziętek

Cave by APOLLO. b22-design:

Loft of Stephen Antonakos

East & West by N Maeda Atelier.

Best friends Erika and Anna has us dreaming of summer and swimwear.

Anonymous said: Can u give us study tips pls!

Be organized. Don’t study at home – too many distractions. Create a study schedule. 

Anonymous said: I'm so envious that you know what you want to do with your life in terms of career. I hope you have a successful journey to becoming a doctor! I know you will be great. Do you have any advice for those that aren't sure what to do with themselves just yet? x

Thank you. You’re very kind! I hope I’ll become a great doctor. I don’t have any advice in particular but I think it’s important to get some kind of experience and do something that might trigger realizations as to which path to pursue. After high school I went to university for two months and dropped out, started working as a deputy editor for a fashion/art magazine and contributed to a few international magazines but, shortly thereafter, realized that writing isn’t my call. If you really really have absolutely no idea what to do, then let time figure out the rest. Travel, meet inspirational people, READ, do something challenging and different, embrace your passions, take some “random” classes at university (well, university is free in Norway), etc. That’s what I’d personally do :-)

Anonymous said: Hi, is your everlane backpack still serving you well? Is it worth to purchase one?

Hi. I rarely use it these days. It’s not an ergonomically designed backpack so my back always hurts after using it. I don’t think it’s worth the expense.


valscrapbook:alpenstrasse: France 1950s

Georges Baines

Karlina Caune by Thomas Lohr for The Gentlewoman Spring/Summer 2014