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Anonymous said: Hello! Do you ever take proplus? I think I've seen a pic of it on our instagram some time ago. Or do you prefer coffee? I've read pretty bad reviews about proplus but for me it does not seem to do anything other than make my heart beat like crazy, but no brain alertness :/ What would you recommend for staying up late to study or waking up to study after ridiculous amount of sleep?

Hey! I’ve only tried proplus a few times and I still have like 10 unopened packs of those stimulants at home, haha. I think you have to take at least 3-4 pills for maximum effect? Those pills only gave me heart palpitations, nausea, headache, and tremors, which are the effects I get from drinking coffee anyway. I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the taste and also as I feel terribly sick after drinking it. In terms of what I’d recommend for staying up late to study…. try uppers or Ritalin. LOL. Just kidding! Gurl, you ought to get some proper sleep. Try to establish a healthy routine instead of constantly pulling all nighters. Sleep deprivation may cause irreversible brain damage, and sacrificing sleep for drug induced late night study sessions is counterproductive. Don’t do drugs in order to deal with the hustle and bustle of exams and studying, simply because they’re quite addictive and expensive – even proplus pills can cause dependency. I’d rather get proper sleep and study less yet more effective instead of cutting back on sleep, as I’m unable to concentrate or think clearly whenever I’m sleep deprived, let alone be productive. Maybe green tea, light exercise and fresh air will help to keep sleepiness at bay? 

Anonymous said: Hey ! I've been reading your blog for 3 years and I must say (and it's a bit creepy) I am fond of the content you create !!! By the way, do you have any advice for people who want to start a blog ? xxx

Hey! Thank you. I am truly flattered :-) Yeah, an advice for people who want to start a blog: Pick a good name for your blog because before you even know it you’ll be stuck with it forever. “Dead Fleurette” exemplifies a bad name choice and I’m sort of unable to change it… well, Bonjour Tristesse is way better in my opinion, haha. Additionally, pick a good design for your blog too. I hardly ever revisit blogs with impossible or fugly layouts even though the content is good. The blog’s design is the first (eye-catching) thing people see on a new blog that contributes to their first impression. And also, don’t forget to use a legible font and font size (SO. MANY. GOOD. BLOGS. OUT. THERE. THAT. ARE. UNREADABLE.)

Anonymous said: How many languages do you speak?

Four languages if you count French, in which I’m not fluent. I consider myself pretty fluent in Norwegian, Vietnamese, and English. 

fromflora said: In congruence with the 2nd last anon, I too have been following your various blogs for years. I love what you write and post! I also want to comment on another anon post, in respect to your love life/ shopping/ meeting someone/etc. I would have to agree with you that your view is sound, but you should not call yourself picky because you require time and deliberate thoughts before you purchase an item/ select a partner/ etc. You are being beyond reasonable here! Revel in it, girl.

Hey! Thank you for your continued readership and the kind words. Means a lot to me! Is there an expression for a person who “requires time and deliberates thoughts before […]”? I cannot think of any at the moment. 

Anonymous said: do you like to suck pussy?

Kanskje. Er du keen? ;-)

Anonymous said: What do you think of the Daniel Wellington watch? Or do you have any suggestion for affordable, minimal designed watch? Thanks!

I think they are nice but I’m kind of fed up with them because I see them everywhere. I really like the watches from Uniform Wares.

Anonymous said: hi. i've been following your old blog since 2010 and I was so devastated when you stopped blogging. but then i started reading (not only scrolling through the photos) your tumblr and i think i love it even more than your old blog cuz no matter what you write about, your writings are AMAZING. i can relate to many of them and i think you come off as strong and intelligent and that is so inspiring. anyway, here's my q for you: what is one thing that has changed your life lately?

Hi there. Thank you so much, you’re far too kind! I’m glad and humbled that you enjoy stopping by my tumbling stream of consciousness and Q&As. Though it’s mainly just an outlet for my ongoing procrastination, haha. To answer your question, which I had to marinate on for a few days, I think my new mindset has really made a huge difference and helped me become a better person. Thankfully, it finally settled in after a month of cognitive behavioral therapy. First of all, I’ve stopped being uncompromising, which truly facilitates my ability to get shit done and move on in terms of difficulties. My mantra isn’t “all or nothing” anymore. Secondly, I no longer hold back my feelings or opinions whenever I’m cross, frustrated, or a wee bit angry. I’ve stopped being the yes-man I used to be so as to please the people around me. I’ve started setting limits because people could easily take advantage of me before. So far the consequences are great, albeit I thought I’d scare off my friends by being so upfront and honest about things that bother me. Turned out they appreciate that I speak out instead of being overly “easygoing” about everything (even though I AM quite easygoing and nonchalant most of the time). And the best part is that I no longer bear a grudge against anyone because it’s completely pointless. That said, I seem to be experiencing some of the very rare side effects of the meds I started taking a while ago, which are irritability, short temper, and aggression. I believe the said side effects have certainly contributed to my unusual frankness of late.  For what it is worth, I really do recommend cognitive behavioral therapy if you haven’t been kind to yourself. :-)

Anonymous said: Hi Fleurette, do you have a London city guide? Or was there one you followed when you visited? Thanks :)

Hey! Check out my London diary post from 2012. Some additional recommendations: 

- Hackney Bureau for breakfast or dinner
- Pearl Liang for awesome dim sum
- Ottolenghi for cakes and lunch
- The Corner Room for breakfast 
- A.P.C., Aimé, Margaret Howell, Dover Street Market, Liberty, Artwords Bookshop (in Shoreditch) if you’re gonna shop! 

Anonymous said: Hi, what are you reading right now? :)

Physics tables and uni-related books. I miss reading fiction and popular science :(