Anonymous said: Can you PLEASE post pictures from these supposed horrors days, I recently got really into your blog and I'm curious to see what you were like before! I went under the same sort of change in style as well haha

Haha, no! You should have read my blog 11 months ago. I actually posted some photos of my old style, but I’ve deleted that post.

eternally-teenaged said: I first discovered your blog when you were inspired by the horrors and dressed completely different, and was so sad when you deleted it! however your new blog is SO inspiring-its funny because i believe you restarted it when i had just come back from a 3 week vacation in france and your style mirrored that of all the street style i had seen and loved. your blog has really inspired me to be more minimalistic in my entire lifestyle & i just wanted to let you know that :)

Oooh!! I was talking about The Horrors with my friend today and that I was really influenced by them back in 2008. Welcome back and thank you so much! :-)