Anonymous said: Why do you have such a pessimistic view of love? Is it because of your recent heartbreak? Come on, you're a smart, beautiful and intellectual chick ;)

Pessimistic? No, seriously though, it’s called a realistic and sound view. You know, my home for the next 6 years will be medical school, which certainly means that I will mostly interact and intermingle with merely fellow medicine students. In Oslo (or perhaps Norway in general), recent statistics show an increase in the number of women graduating from medical school. 8 of 10 people who graduate from medical school are women; male students have clearly become a minority over the years and the number is, alas, decreasing every year. Women are taking over academia here. Based on these facts, I believe the odds are low that I’ll meet a future someone in medical school. And since I will have to give up my social life outside university, the probability for meeting someone is even lower. You see I’m just being logical in my thinking here. 

On the other hand, I hardly ever fall for anyone because I lose interest in “potential” guys/dates before they even open their mouth, haha. Perhaps it’s my subconscious that’s telling me that I have no future whatsoever with this person, not even a friendship. I’ve never been a person who jumps from one relationship to another; I don’t do rebounds; I was raised to believe that I don’t have to depend on men and that my life isn’t over without a life partner – I’ll be fine and honestly I’m doing fine. I intentionally repel men whenever I go out (mouth diarrhea is my favorite trick. They think I’m completely mental!). Are you familiar with how I shop for clothes and furniture? I’m probably the pickiest shopper ever. It literally takes me FOREVER to find the right clothes that I want to wear; that perfect item that I want to hold on to. So, don’t you think my approach to shopping is applied to love/dating/guys/whatever as well; only that it’s like ten times more deliberate? Haha. 

Nevertheless, even though I’m a caring person, I know that I will devote a great part of my prospective life to work and education, which might send out the wrong signals that I don’t have room for other people while being completely immersed in my passions. 

And please don’t take my response the wrong way. I’m not writing this so as to fish for compliments. I’m just being honest. It’s self-awareness, haha :P

fjallagras said: How's your Jean Etroit Court jeans coming along?! I'm beyond in love with the cut.

They JUST started to expand a little bit but I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve either gained or lost weight or because I’ve worn them too much. The jeans have also started to fade and the honeycombs are more visible. As a matter of fact, I don’t want these jeans to change at all because I really like the color, so I might have to stock up on them, haha (and also in case A.P.C. stops producing them).

Anonymous said: What do you do for a living?

I’m a student so I live off student loans. I’ve been teaching piano for 8 years now and I’m currently tutoring 12 pupils three times a week – both in Norwegian and Vietnamese. In addition, I DJ at clubs and bars, work for a record label, and I get paid for writing (and sometimes proofreading). 


A.P.C. Paris

Svensson eightofive:

John Paul Jones: Diversion, 1951.

Pietr Mondrian, Composition No. 12 with Blue