Pietr Mondrian, Composition No. 12 with Blue

Tennis in the Bahamas, 1957
Slim Aarons

Anonymous said: What sort of engagement ring would you like one day?

Hahaha, I’ve barely been in a relationship and you’re asking me about engagement rings? Haha, my apologies for laughing, I just find it a bit funny because this is so in the distant future that I don’t know whether or not I’ll ever give some thought to the matter, let alone get engaged (haha, please don’t say “of course you’ll find someone” because I’m just being realistic). Anyhow, I inherited my grandmother’s wedding ring a decade or so ago. Maybe that one would make a nice engagement ring? I have no idea. I wish I had a mom right now so that I could ask her about these kind of things because she’d probably know. I just know that I’d really love the love bracelet from Cartier. I couldn’t think of a more romantic way to declare love for someone, not to mention that you can’t take it off without a screwdriver so it’s definitely a commitment.