Finn Juhl’s home is one of my favorites. billowy:

Jane Birkin in La Piscine (1969), dir. by Jacques Deray

Anonymous said: hey tk! (er, can i call you that? i feel sort of informal calling you that when you don't really know each other....but, i digress.) before you stopped posting on dead fleurette, you mentioned that you were working with 2 other people on a blog project. will that ever be unveiled or is it sort of put on infinite hold? i'm not trying to be pushy or pressure you into sharing it or anything, i was just reading your blog again (since it was always one of my faves and i'm nostalgic) and i got curious

Hey! Of course you can call me TK. Don’t worry, I don’t mind at all. The blog project I was working on was a burger blog with a slightly ironic fashion blog approach, haha. 

Anonymous said: would you rather speak all the languages in the world or play all the instruments in the world?

I’d rather speak all the languages in the world and use this ability to help people in need of medical care. Language is the key to everything and the more you know, the better.


Alvar Aalto stool, model E60, designed in 1933, Artek Oy Finland. / Wordpress

ph. Anne-Claire rohé, 2013

Hailey Clauson by Martin Lidell for Styleby Magazine

alexander wang s/s 14 in the new issue of gentleman korea