Anonymous said: Do you have any recommendations on underwear/bra's? I like very simple things so not really into lace kind of things. I find it difficult to find something simple of good quality. I do have some underwear by COS and although I liked their simplicity, I think it's a pity that its quality is not as hoped. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked!

Check out Bodas. Their underwear is absolutely right up my alley and soooo nice that I sometimes wish I wasn’t a flat-chested girl, haha. 

Anonymous said: I stumbled upon your Instagram which led me to this beautiful blog. You are like the female version of me... style wise I adore A.P.C as well and own quite a handful of their items and I wear a lot of CDG too. Personally I think we've been through the same things so I can relate to how you feel. You seem so strong, genuine, down to earth and cool. Okay, my question is (I am just curious): What qualities do YOU find attractive in a man?

Why thank you. You’re far too kind! 

Qualities I find very attractive in a man are definitely wit, a sense of humor, self-irony, a penchant for burgers (I like bonding with new people over burgers!), passion, adventurousness, humility, authenticity, and sincereness. Oh.. and of course, curiosity!

(PS! A question for you: what qualities do YOU find attractive in a woman?)

Anonymous said: I really appreciate you starting to post here but at the same time I really miss your old blog. I especially miss the posts of you describing, sharing thoughts about your simple style, the focus on basics and the feeling that your wardrobe was an ongoing project/process. I can relate to that. I don't read any fashion blogs at this time. I haven't found any blogs which are in tune with my style and to me fashion blogs often seem to trendy and fast. Have you got fashion blog recommendations?

Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, I don’t read any fashion blogs any longer… well, I mean, if some of the blogs that I used to read back in the days have a new blog post popping up in my feed, I’d read it. Check out the blogroll on my old blog. I still pop by Assembled Hazardly and Out Of The Bag from time to time. 

Anonymous said: Hello ! I was wondering , have you ever watched Bonjour Tristesse the movie from the 50s?

No, I haven’t. Would love to watch it at some point, though.

Anonymous said: What would you pack for a 2 month summer trip in Europe if you were limited to a single carry-on bag?

I usually travel with a single carry-on bag. I’m a light packer. Last summer, I traveled to California with all of my clothes in a single carry-on bag (I also brought a big, empty suitcase for food shopping) – because I’m worried my irreplaceable clothes will go missing in transit, so why not just save me the trouble by traveling with a carry-on bag? This is what I usually pack for summer trips:

1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shorts
3-4 linen t-shirts/tank tops (including sleepwear)
3 jumpsuits
1-2 dresses
1 bikini
2 long sleeve shirts (for instance breton and chambray)
1 “dressy” top 
1 sweater/sweatshirt/cardigan
1 jacket
1 scarf
1 pair of sneakers
2 pairs of sandals (+ saltwater sandals for the beeetch)
1 tote bag
1 leather purse
- underwear and socks
- makeup + skincare and hair products

Anonymous said: One pair of classic black pumps- which designer would you chose?

Hmm, I have no idea. Probably A.P.C. or Vanessa Bruno. I’m not up to date with designer shoes. 


Adidas Consortium ZX500 “Tabula Rasa”
RCC Represent

Pavel Samokhvalov

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