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Anonymous said: Hello ! I spent hours reading your blog Dead Fleurette and your vision of fashion is so interesting and inspiring. This research of a perfect wardrobe and this simplicity, minimalism talk to me. I follow some people from Oslo on Instagram and this minimalism -in a fashion way, first- amazed me, it looks like some norwegians have a particular vision of style which is very simple and yeah, minimalist and so classy. I was wondering, is it links to norwegian way of living ? Next to that, #1

Hi! Thank you so much :-) I’m not sure but I remember I stumbled upon this blog a long time ago: http://afroginthefjord.com. A French woman living in Norway and her take on Norwegian culture. I find it more intriguing to read about cultures from a less patriotic and different cultural perspective. 

Anonymous said: I was wondering what do you think about Yohji Yamamoto ? I think he has a very interesting vision of fashion, (it made me think about what you wrote on Dead Fleurette), and then do you like his clothes ? Bonne fin de soirée à toi, la bise de Paris :) #2

I’m not into avant-garde Japanese design, but from what I’ve seen Yamamoto is decidedly incredible in his field. It’s been many years since the last time I read an interview with him in a fashion magazine. I do, however, have a slight recollection that his vision of fashion is somewhat in tune with mine (unless I’m way off-base).

Anonymous said: I'm so inspired by your story. I have found myself stuck in my life. I really want to do a California roadtrip! What is your story behind your US travels? Did you save up a whole lot of money or did you manage to stay with friends/relatives? I really can't wait to experience something new. Oh and can you reccomend a certain travel route or specific destinations? I'm an open book

Tricky question. I’m not sure how it all started out. I suppose it’s a mix of constantly being exposed to pictures of the West Coast on tumblr and watching Anthony Bourdain exploring the West Coast through all that delicious nosh. Yeah, I wanted to track down food trucks and stuff tacos and pork belly buns down my throat like nobody’s business too. I guess Sofia Coppola’s movies inspired me to travel as well, not to mention that I wanted to learn how to surf back in 2011 so I figured that I should spend some time on the West Coast whilst visiting my relatives. My older sister used to spend a lot of time in SF and LA back in the days, which probably also kindled my urge to explore the West Coast. Besides, I’ve always fantasized about living in California. Well, who would have guessed that I’m more of a Cali-gurl than an “aspiring” Frenchie? Haha.

Last year I saved up shitloads of money for my trip. Flight tickets were pretty expensive as my dates were kinda difficult (JULY, HIGH SEASON). I purchased a multi-city ticket that cost me around $1600 on Orbitz. In terms of lodging, I rented private rooms through airbnb.com as well as staying at the Ace hotel in Palm Springs, and at my relatives’ and friends’ places. I called off my initial itinerary because my mom was too ill (she accidentally had a stroke the day after I was supposed to leave for Seattle, omg). My insurance covered most of the expenses and five days after my mom’s death I booked new tickets a day before the trip because I couldn’t deal with the aftermath and had to escape. Because I had to cancel my original reservation, I could pay a fee and redeem the credit on Orbitz for a new trip – of course I didn’t know that at the time I booked new tickets on a whim. So my trip to the states this summer only cost me $300 and I’ll be staying at my friends’ places and two nights at the Ace in Palm Springs. Running short of money these days so I’m very grateful to my friends for hosting me. I want to limit my budget (food, shopping, gas money, Lyfts etc etc) to approx. $2000.

As for a travel route, I didn’t go on a road trip last year or this year. I did it once with my family back in 2000. We drove from Los Angeles to San Jose. I don’t have the driver’s license so I travel by plane or train. Check out Amtrak for train schedules. Southwest Airlines tend to offer affordable fares. I need to get the driver’s license asap as I’d like to go to Santa Cruz, Big Sur, etc. Navigating in Los Angeles without a car is nearly impossible. Thank God for Lyft, though – such an ingenious app, so check it out. 

Anonymous said: Do you usually travel alone and do you like it better?

I usually travel alone and I love traveling all by myself as long as I can meet new people/locals – I’m a super outgoing person, you know. Luckily, I’ve met wonderful people and made friends all over the world so I’m never worried about being lonely. Solitude is also a bliss, though. Last year I traveled to Cali with a girl I met on Instagram; I added her on FB, and one day I just asked her if she would like to come along/meet me in California (she’s Norwegian but she lives in another city). She’s become one of my closest friends today who’s made a huge impact on me because she’s just downright amazing. I love her so much! Yup, most people think I’m crazy but whatever… I couldn’t care less. I’ve always been a curious and adventurous gal. I can’t help it. 

Anonymous said: I remember you posted about the Celine classic box on your blog quite some time ago. Did you end up getting it? If so, do you recommend it and if not, why did you decide against it? Sorry for all the questions! I'm considering the purchase right now and don't want to make a costly mistake! Would love your thoughts.

I didn’t get it because a) it’s horribly expensive b) it’s HORRIBLY expensive c) I ended up getting a bag that is more me and less in your face, albeit the Celine box bag is a classic and beautiful bag d) I could never ever justify the price and in the end of the day I only wear tote bags I get for free. 

Anonymous said: Hi! I think your instagram photos are amazing. Do you put any filters on them? Kind of a strange question, I know :/

Yeah, I edit my pictures!

Anonymous said: i am just wondering if the songs you post on your tumblr/twitter have a meaning? like are you trying to express something?

Every single tune I post has a substantial message or meaning to me or those of you who lurk in here. 

Anonymous said: Hi, what size are your Ray-Ban club masters? Thanks :)

I don’t know… but the “serial number” (haha I have no idea what it’s called) is RB 3016 CLUBMASTER W0366 49[ ]00 3N. 

Anonymous said: You went all the way and made pho for a date? You must really like him. And wow, you really are the dream girl!! On a different note tho; do you have any plans for the summer other than going to LA?

Lol, yeah I totally am the dream girl :P My plan for the summer is to be unpredictable. Well, I mean, I’ve already booked flight tickets to L.A. and I’m going to Palm Springs, Portland, and Seattle as well and maybe Vancouver. And I might go to the Sonar festival in Barcelona in the beginning of June but that will be a last-minute decision. But after my West Coast trip I don’t have any plans whatsoever. I want to stay in town for the summer because Norwegian summers are the best. Perhaps I’ll go to Tønsberg for a Norwegian music festival called “Slottsfjell” and just hang out with my friends there and by the pool at the hotel. I want to be a tourist in my own city, bike everywhere so that I can explore contemporary and modern Norwegian architecture. Maybe I have to move this summer, maybe I have time to write on my manuscript or make beats with my friend in Bergen. Perhaps I’ll book flight tickets to somewhere really far away on a whim.

Anonymous said: hi you! i am heading to paris in a couple of days and was wondering, if you knew a pharmacy where one can stock up with the famous french products (bioderma, avene etc.) whilst paying a decent price - couldn't help but notice you mentioning a place, where you buy embryoliesse cheaply. thanks in advance! xx

Hi there. City-pharma in Rue du Four (St. Germain) and Pharmacie de la Mairie close to BHV in Le Marais. The first one is always busy. The price for Embryolisse is approx. 9 euros as opposed to other pharmacies where you pay up to 17 euros for the moisturizer. Make sure that you’re getting 2 x Bioderma for 15 euros and not 15 euros each, haha.