Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Z II, 1925. Oil on canvas. / thegameofart


Photo by Stefania Paparelli

Anonymous said: Hi! I just wanted to say that you inspire me so sooo much and thank you for that, I really need someone to do that. It's been tough time for me, I am also after not-so-wanted break-up. You seem so strong, you've been through a lot and I wish all the best, you deserve that. How's your studying going? How can you reconcile studying with such a wonderful life (travelling, djing etc)? Greetings from Poland

Wow, thank you for being so kind. I’m truly taken aback even though it doesn’t make sense to me at times. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a difficult time. I know it hurts tremendously but if it’s any consolation, your heart will heal eventually. Sooner or later, the epiphany will strike you like a bolt of lightning!

I’m not so sure if I’m strong because it seems like I’m really good at faking it. I tried to stay strong for too lang and pretend that I’m coping up well with the pangs of loss and everything, which only triggered mental breakdowns in the end. My academic life has been utterly disastrous for four months now but I’m slowly but surely progressing. Depression just sucks the life straight out of your body. I try to study for 15 minutes every day because that’s all I’m capable of right now. I’m trying to regain the motivation I once had by getting a sense of accomplishment from taking baby steps every day in terms of studying (instead of setting unrealistic goals that I’m completely unable to undertake these days). 

Haha, I guess I’ve done a good job at faking a wonderful life. I don’t know how to write a adequate response to your last question. Maybe it’s in my genes? Or because of my upbringing? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had too much on my plate – until I was 19, I used to play two instruments and had extra music lessons after school and on the weekends; I participated in championships and recitals all the time; played in an orchestra and way too many chamber music groups. And on top of that, I took swimming classes and I was a part of each and every activity in school. In retrospect, I have no idea how I managed all those years or where the energy came from. That said, I didn’t do my homework, only the obligatory ones that I had to hand in to my teachers. Despite that, most of the time I achieved high grades with little to no effort.

I truly hope you’ll feel better soon and don’t be afraid to let it all out. 

Anonymous said: Hi! What do you think of the brand "Acne"? Where I live, the only store that sells A.P.C. has few options to choose from. I'm concerned with quality - fit wise, Acne works well for me. Hope you are having a lovely spring!

Hello. I’m not a big fan of Acne because in my experience the quality kind of sucks and the few things that I actually like from this brand are made of synthetic fabrics, unfortunately. When it comes to Acne’s design, I find it too crazy for my taste. 

Anonymous said: I think you are such a brave person. How do you find the courage to do new things? To travel and meet new people. How do handle new experiences? I really enjoy your blog.

Thank you, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard. I’m not sure where my courage to do new things stems from but I suppose it’s a combination of my kooky personality, upbringing, the people I’m surrounded by, the new people I meet, and an intense, inexplicable desire to challenge myself and break out of my comfort zone. And not to mention my genuine interest in intriguing people and novelties that I’d love to explore. Perhaps it also stems from the fact that I’m such a restless and somewhat crazy person who’s constantly in need of new impulses, new dynamics, and drive. I’ve found out that if I don’t have any expectations, I won’t be disappointed in terms of challenging myself and handling new experiences. The outcome would be the same no matter what I venture into – priceless experience and knowledge. 

If there is just one thing I love about traveling, it’s definitely meeting new people. Grasping foreign people’s mentalities, cultures, differences, and so on is, in my opinion, challenging in a way. It requires open-mindedness, kindness, and less ethnocentrism. And a smile on your face will go a long way. I love listening to other people’s stories because they have the ability to change lives. To me, the experiences that come with traveling and meeting new people are periods of growth intertwined with nostalgia. 

I have decided that next year, after my roomies’ lease ends, I will list my place on AirBnB so that I can meet and host people from all over the world, as I won’t be able to travel a lot. If I can’t travel, then the world can travel to me. 

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