that wooden floor!!!! I’m obsessed with concrete asolitarycomfort:

Yves Klein aros:

Striking Modern Residence Built From 31 Containers in Australia

Anonymous said: Name me the best bag anyone could ever own, or the dream bag you would love to own.

Hmm… maybe the Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton bag in navy?

Anonymous said: How do you stay skinny? I mean, you seem to eat anything, but you're still so thin.

Haha! My body stays somewhat skinny from time to time but I gain a lot of weight in my face, which is not so cool as you can’t really hide your face on fat days. My cheekbones are no longer as visible as they used to be because I’m in a serious relationship with cheeseburgers. I always have to unbutton my jeans after a meal, even when I eat in public. I snack a lot during the day because I’m bored or neurotic, and so on, and most of the time I even eat more than my dad does. Truth be told, I’m snacking on Vietnamese beef jerky right now while replying to your question, haha. Anyway, I eat less whenever I’m overly busy or too exhausted/lazy to cook something nourishing so I guess the calories even out over the week. I’ve been trying to incorporate some physical exercise into my daily routine but so far I’ve only been to the gym 5-6 times, and I haven’t worked out at all in almost three weeks. Oh no..

Come to think of it, my weight used to be pretty much stable back in the days when I abstained from alcohol, candies, and chips, so perhaps the solution is to eliminate these foods from our diets. That said, I was 19 or 20 years old and my teenage metabolism hadn’t failed me at the time. 

Anonymous said: I need a cardholder, a good quality one. I keep misplacing my cards because I don't want to spend money on just any cardholder, I want one that will last me at least 3-5 years or more. Any suggestions on where to get one? A wallet would be okay I guess but I want something small.

I like the wallets from Comme des Garçons Play. My wallet is just a pouch from CDG and I’ve had it for more than 2 years now and the leather is getting better and better. I do not recommend getting it for your cards and money, though. I also love this one from A.P.C because it is, in my estimation, just perfect:


Anonymous said: May I ask your opinions on the designers Saint Laurent, and Celine?

I like them both. I’ve always been a huge fan of Phoebe Philo’s work and design aesthetics, and Hedi Slimane’s edgy, androgynous style. If you put both Philo’s and Slimane’s aesthetics in a blender, you’ll get the perfect mixture of my style – minimal, casual, androgynous yet slightly feminine at times. However, I can’t afford wearing Celine or Saint Laurent and it’s totally okay because I’ll always have A.P.C. haha. 

Anonymous said: Where are you going to med school?

At the university of Oslo or Bergen.

For the love of house

Karizma’s 4 The Love acapella

Anonymous said: 20 things you want to do before you get married?

This is such a strange question, haha. I can’t really see why a marriage/commitment would prevent me from pursuing my goals and dreams, as I would never marry or get into a relationship with someone who would hold me back by any means in the first place? I would love to include a future someone in my prospective endeavors. Truth be told, I wouldn’t think of anything else but sharing those great moments of fulfillment and experiences with someone I’d like to spend the rest of my life with. I wish I had a significant other to share all of my crazy ideas with these days; see the world with while I’m still in my early 20s; who would come see me on the other side of the world while I’m on a semester exchange. Perhaps the question should have been about things to do before graduation or before getting knocked up? Regardless.

  1. Write a memoir about the most inspirational woman in my life
  2. Produce music 
  3. Move to Los Angeles 
  4. Get into medical school
  5. Get out of medical school
  6. Work for a non-profit medical research organization
  7. Travel to Asia, Central and South America
  8. Volunteer overseas on a medicine project
  9. Kite surf
  10. Study abroad in the US or Canada
  11. Open a restaurant 
  12. Invent a new social media app
  13. Find true love
  14. Start a club concept 
  15. Read as many books as possible
  16. Take pottery classes
  17. Be even more spontaneous
  18. Close my eyes, spin the globe, and travel to the destination that my finger lands on 
  19. Master all of my mom’s dishes
  20. Be unpredictable