Anonymous said: What colour is your kanken backpack? Was it easy to match your outfit?

I don’t have a Känken backpack – my friend lent me her backpack for a year, haha. It’s blue-ish and goes with all of my outfits. 

Anonymous said: I've been admiring your style for quite some time now. Your obsession with A.P.C. got me thinking what are in your opinion the most essential APC items for a guy?


The most essential APC items for a guy are, in my opinion, no doubt a pair of raw denim jeans and a bomber jacket! 

Anonymous said: According to your Facebook hamburger photo album, you've once been to Budapest! I'm going there next week, do you have any tips/recommendations maybe? thanks x

I don’t have any recommendations apart from visiting one of the thermal baths there. Have fun!

Anonymous said: What do you think about Ivania Carpio (Love Aesthetics)?

I like her thing!

Anonymous said: hello lovely lady, firstly i just want to say that you have a beautiful soul and its such a pleasure to read your blog and see the world through your eyes, so thank you for always sharing. my question is how do you cope with anxiety? i am on the similar pre-med track to you and it sometimes get overwhelming with such an overly competitive environment and personal pressures/high expectations we place on yourselves. what do you do to decrease that sense of "Ahhhhh!!" when it gets too much?

Thank you so much, you’re far too kind. I had a mom who died of cancer and while she was ill I learned that life is so much more than being trapped in that pre-med bubble and that you should try to

- live each day as if it was your last day
- live in the moment

Both sentiments have been life-changing to me and whenever I fail at acing my exam I just try to be whatevs before wanting to throw myself in front of a bus. In addition, I think talking to a professional helps too. My shrink taught me to close my eyes, focus on my body and try to be “in contact” with every body part and breathe whenever I’m anxious – works for me!

Anonymous said: Hej! Who makes your beautiful light pink (off white?) sunglasses? They're perfection!

Thanks! They’re from Celine!

Anonymous said: Hi, which of your sunglasses do you prefer? Do you have any sunglasses on your wish list ? I'm really struggling with deciding on a pair so I would love your opinion :)

I have two pairs of sunnies with prescription lenses: Ray-Ban clubmasters and Celine [insert model]. I seem to wear my clubmasters more often because they fit into my regular spectacle’s case, which is a very sturdy one. My Celine’s are so huge that I need two cases in my bag and sometimes I don’t have room for that. And the Celine sunnies don’t really look good with loose hair so it also depends on how I wear my hair. 

Anonymous said: What do you think of nike black trainers or new balance sneakers that's quite popular nowadays?

I like them. I have a pair of black Nike trainers that are so comfy I could even wear them to bed… 

Anonymous said: Where can I get my hands on that striped romper??? *_*

American Apparel! It’s still for sale. 

Anonymous said: what filter do you use on your instagram photos?

At least 4-5 different filters on each picture. 

Anonymous said: hi pretty girl! :) I'll be in Paris next week. Do you Know where I could find the comme des garçons wallet? I saw on your instagram that you have it :) is it expensive? Thank you in advance. have a nice day!

There is a CdG store in Paris. Just google it. I’m sure you can find it there. It’s not far from Colette.. you can also find CdG wallets at Colette!

Anonymous said: What do you think about apc printed t-shirt?

Some of them are cool.

Anonymous said: How did you learn about DJ-ing/mixing? (I love your mixes, by the way!)

Thank you. I’m basically self-taught but my two of my friends who I used to DJ with gave me a super quick tutorial on how to use the cue button and how the mixer and decks work – and that was 5 minutes before my first gig.