France and Son Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard Nielsen Boomerang Chair

A Guy Named Patrick Gorgeous!

Anonymous said: Wow, you answer fast.. you must really like doing your blog, that's cool. What about sweating, if you don't wear socks?

Hahahaha. You were just lucky. Good timing! My feet don’t sweat at all <3

Anonymous said: I know you live in Norway, so you don't really have a choice.. but say climate wasn't an issue and you had to decide between wearing socks or not, for good, what would you pick?

NOT wearing socks of course. I hate wearing socks. Going sockless is the best, even when it comes to boots and sneakers. Haha..

Anonymous said: I just got the apc half moon bag and I adore it! I was wondering, did you treat yours to make it waterproof like they suggest?

Hi. Yep, I impregnate my bag as often as possible.